Robert N. Yale, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Business Practicum Director
Gupta College of Business

University of Dallas

SB Hall 240
1845 E. Northgate Drive
Irving, TX 75062

Office: (972) 721-5058
Mobile: (708) ROB-YALE

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I am an Assistant Professor of Marketing in the College of Business at University of Dallas. I also serve as director of the undergraduate business practicum program. As a researcher, my training and primary area of scholarly interest is in strategic message design and analysis. My research to date has concerned three broad areas of this interest: factors influencing the persuasiveness of messages, the effectiveness of pro-social marketing campaigns, and the development and validation of measures to assist researchers of the first two areas.

Specifically, my research seeks to understand the factors that make messages persuasive (or not persuasive) to different segments of consumers and message recipients. Current research investigates the mechanisms within narrative messages that render them more or less persuasive and individual difference variables that influence message processing, such as brand schematicity, need for cognition, and psychological reactance.

This website hosts my digital teaching and research portfolios and the Strategic Communication Insights blog. If you are looking for the Narrative Believability Scale (NBS-12) or are interested in collaborating on a research project, don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks for visiting!